Special Events

Murder Mystery Dinner - May 18th, 2018

Live performance. Comedy. 3-course meal. Cash Bar

Get your sleuth game on!

Come to the quintessential whodunnit thriller at the estate of Sir Warren Peace and get thrown into a night of mystery, intrigue, and murder you will never forget. With a killer crowd of people just waiting for murder to arrive on the scene, this night will keep everyone looking over their shoulders and guessing who the next victim will be! Bribe suspects for clues and gather information to uncover the unhinged guest who is whacking all the invitees. Just be careful, because you could be next! Dress your best in evening wear and suits—this is a refined party, after all. Join us for dinner and a show at the Phenix Banquet Center, and Get Tickets Now.

Tickets include a live performance, music and a 3 Course Meal!

Show Theme: Noir She Didn't!

Things aren’t looking good at Terry Bull’s restaurant when a proposal gone right goes horribly wrong with a tragic demise! This speakeasy scene ain’t so easy now that the fuzz are on the prowl, and Mafia Don Terry Bull is fit to be tied while the detective tries to crack the case. Which one of these juice joint patrons is to blame? Bribe other guests for clues and gather information to solve the crime and get the good times rolling again. Don your pinstriped suits and get dolled up in your favorite 1920s film noir evening gowns and cocktail dresses to make an entrance no one will forget! Join us for dinner and a show at the Phenix Banquet Center, and Get Tickets Now.

Other Events

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Girls Night Out - The Show at Phenix Banquet Center. - July 13th

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